Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last post.

Hey anyone who looks at my blog. I got facebook and decided im done with blogspot. so ya know goodby and blogspot... go f*ck yourself.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Call of Duty Blackops.

I hope evryone is ready because we are about to grab our AUGs' and rappel into call of duty blackops. Now the first thing I here people complaining about is that the graphics are worse then MW2 and there is a perfectly good reson for that. You see MW2 was made by Infinity Ward but, Blackops was made by Treyarch and Treyarch doesnt use as good of an engine as I.W. so They're graphics aren't as good. Despite the graphics the gameplay is very enjoyable. Wether you are embarrising your little brother on multi-player,Fighting hordes of zombies and making your little brother look like a hero, or just plain deactivating nova 6 from killing everyone in america. Something im glad they brought back is zombies because there is nothing better than watching kenedy dive into an elavator in the pentagon to egt away from zombies. A new cool feature is combat training which is an online simulator to help hoenn your skills, or just own people for 30 minutes.Over all i give blackops a 8.75 it wasnt the best call of duty i have ever played but it was much better than WaW.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Game Review for Fallout: New Vegas

Hey fallout fans the sequel we have been waiting for to fallout three is finally out! On October 19 (U.S. Date) Fallout: New Vegas came  out. now the difference from fallout 3 and fallout: New Vegas is that in fallout 3 you could waltz right into a highly irradiated tunnel with twenty feral ghouls waiting to tear your head off armed only with three stimpaks a few rad-away and your fists and a good hand-to-hand skill (if you were a decent level). In new Vegas stimpaks are harder to come by and so are good meds and then the whole one man army thing doesn't fall into place.probably the biggest difference though is character creating. In fallout three you could create a a friendlier remake of  chainsaw massacre all   you need is high charisma and a ripper. In fallout new vegas you need to make every part of your character match what you want it to be .say you want a sharp shooter class? What your gonna want to is make his luck and perception high and then maybe agility and endurance.Don't have enough points to create the character you want? Take points from other stats  if your making an aggressive class and your motto is "shoot first ask questions later" then lower your charisma and raise your strength. Now lets say you have managed to beat the game complete every quest get your karma in the just right spot and annihilated all your enemies   and your getting bored of new vegas well i have the cure if you feel skilled enough. Try out hardcore mode its harder and would be a good way to keep yourself interested! Well comment on this post and tell me if i did a good job because this is the end of my review and fallout new vegas's rating from me is a 9.75 out of 10.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My horse died. );

Well i had my first dance not long ago and  i had a great time but that's before i was told my favorite horse died.
 His name was charlie,he was 22 years old, and he was very kind. He at least had  a long life.